RNA-Puzzles a collective and blind experiment in three-dimensional (3D) RNA structure prediction. It aims at: To determine the capabilities and limitations of current methods of 3D RNA structure prediction based on sequence; To find whether and how progress has been made, as well as what has yet to be done to achieve better solutions; To identify whether there are specific bottlenecks that hold back the field; To promote the available methods and guide potential users in the choice of suitable tools for real-world problems; To encourage the RNA structure prediction community in their efforts to improve the current tools and to make automated prediction tools available; To explore the underlying mechanism of ligand-RNA binding and the conformational changes in riboswitches.

Call for participants

We hope more crystallgraphers could help us in providing more crystal, XFEL, cryo-EM or NMR structures. Any kind of RNA related structure information is encouraged. Anyone who may have a RNA structure please contact us. We encourage more predictors who are interested in RNA structure prediction to take part in this compitition to push forward the field. Anyone who is interested please send us an email or register online.

Why scripts to format PDB?

Predictors have different variations about the residue/atom nomenclature of PDB, which is incurs unnecessary problems in the assessment of prediction results. Therefore, we need a simple format standard from the RNA-Puzzles community to enable fair comparisons.

Authors and Contributors

Chichau Miau (@chichaumiau)

Support or Contact

Having trouble with the scripts? Check out our documentation or contact support and we’ll help you sort it out.